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About The Founder

Dr. Ila Sharma

“Nothing seems to be impossible. Once you decide what you want. Never back out from your dreams.”

Early Life

Born in Jodhpur on 1978, October 31, Dr. Ila Sharma pursued her elementary education from Dausa. She piloted her learning years with ardor for information and advancement that drove her to participate in various co-curricular activities, receiving numerous felicitations. Meantime, in the learning years, she witnessed an academic mate dropping out due to poor parental and financial conditions. The event bridged her thoughts to empathy.

After pursuing senior high school from Navyodaya, she obtained a master’s degree to her name in Sociology from Jai Narayan Vyas University. Eventually, she stood as the woman of valor one could ever be: a persona that inspired Ila. Ever since graduation, the central idea has been about protecting and promoting the fundamental rights of girls and underprivileged children in the horizon. In the light of preserving national heritage, Dr. Ila has been an active initiator and donor to prevent the exploitation of historical monuments.

The course of a new beginning...

We’re aware that beginnings are tough, but the Dr.’s course till the interval of her story was filled with divergent complexities, ambiguities, and demotivation. Like Indian society’s traditional inclination towards marriage posed obstructions in her learning years. However, behind every strong woman stands oppressive relatives, colleagues, and counterparts.

Her fate in the story did not sporadically rush to the establishment of the school, now changing the lives of thousands of young minds. But the steppings stones she placed in the building of human institution were of office-work, Followed by holding the teacher position in a school, leading to an opportunity as a principal that was short-lived due to inconsistencies in the management. “I knew it would work, but no one else does,” says Ila. After a while of accumulating knowledge, she opened an educational coaching center that enrolled five students. No, that does not mean she finally had support from society. It was the beginning of a lesson ends. Gradually, she invested her energy in the functioning of the school and the curriculum for the students.

A Feminist Initiation

Although, The initial stage required a lot of courage. The determination to remain chorded with the motive arises from her youngsters: Sakshi (pursuing master’s degree), and Kushagra (bachelorette). Being a woman ofprinciples with total deference to human values, she dedicatedly upholds principles and seeks to pass them on to her progeny.

One of the principles directs her young acquaintance to join the regular shelter visits to empathize and reflect on their moral duties as humans human. As farther the essence of social cause roots in her family, it extends to welfare organizations too. She has been the president of Lioness Club, Paota, aiming to expand the stage for volunteers struggling for the causes to every corner. Which ultimately presented her as an ideal model for the Best Teacher position by the club. Meanwhile asked, Why feminist leadership is the key ingredient for society’s development now.

Ayudhi an Effort

"सर्वे भवन् तुसखिु नः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दःखु भाग्भवेत् ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः"
(May everyone be happy, May everyone be free from diseases, May everyone see the noble truth, may no one suffer from injury) - Mantra of Ayudhi Team

Her devotional beliefs towards humanity arose due to multiple strikes of the time. Finally, in the year 2009, the vision, plans, and ideas turned out alive with the foundation of Ayudhi Care becoming the hope of the hopeless. With Dr. Ila Sharma as the chairperson, the organization is associated with experts in different walks of life like law, health & science, etc. They function with a pledge to serve millions with the justice they deserve. Dr. Ila’s purpose of life, the ikigai, is expressed through the aims and objectives of the organization building a reliable framework with social scientists. The organization darts to work harmoniously to cease human life from diseases, spread the essence of truth in society, and shelter the innocents from injuries. The team is backed by the legal sophisticates Ankur and Juhi Mathur, practicing as advocates at the Hon’ble High Court of Rajasthan. And Highly Qualified Health care experts and researchers Deepali Bhura and Meghna Rajpurohit analyze and execute projects as members of the advisory board. Ayudhi Foundation cares about Water, Sanitization, Carbon Footprint, Peace & Justice, Health, Hunger and Poverty, etc.